BIOMART 07 OOD starts its activities in 2013 as an agricultural producer, producing bio-humus from Red Californian Worm. The farm for producing bio-humus is built in a clean eco-region on 500 meters above sea level, far away from highways and manufacturing companies, which pollute the environment. The company’s joint activities with the first partners, which trusted us - big regional agricultural producers, brought us to the creation of our own unique product, done with our own technology – IMUNONAThumin extract.This is an organic liquid fertilizer based on bio-humus from Red Californian Worm for application on leaves and soil. In the following years, the processes of laboratory tests, field tests, quantitative and qualitative measurements of the plantations not only in the conventional agriculture, but also on perennials, vegetable, orchard, essential oil and other crops, were moving in parallel and led to the desired results.

Here is the place to express our gratitude to all the partners who have trusted us. In response to that trust and knowing the specific needs of the agricultural producers of economic feasibility of all processes on the farm, company BIO MART 07 OOD will soon offer a new product on the market. It will allow farmers, using their available equipment, to take full care of the fields and plants in both conventional and environmental management of farms. This will bring them higher yields with better qualitative indicators, an extremely good cost-benefit ratio, both economic and environmental.

The products of BIO MART 07 OOD are balanced, organic fertilizers,based entirely on a natural basis.