The products of BIO MART 07 OOD are balanced, organic fertilizers, based entirely on a natural basis. The main raw material is bio-humus from Red Californian Worm through vermicomposting. The vermi-technology is a technology of biological cleansing (decontaminating) of manure through cultivated worms and associated bacteria. The most widespread, selected and used is the Red Californian Worm. The bio-fertilizer, obtained from bovinae manure, facilitates the breaking down and decomposing of plant waste in the soil, improves the air and heat regime and increases the anti-erosion activity of the soil. The activity of the Red Californian Worm allows, with proper care and optimal conditions, to produce a high-quality bio-fertilizer, high-quality market product, valuable in horticulture, floristry, forestry and in the recultivation of areas.

The organic fertilizers have a big significance for the improvement of the soil fertility and increased yields.

They are the source of food for plants, they bring into the soil not only nitrogen, but also phosphorus, potassium, calcium, magnesium and sulfur, as well as a number of microelements, which is why they are called "full fertilizers". The valuable thing in the organic fertilizers is that the food, which they contain, becomes available to the plants gradually, because of the slow mineralization of the organic substances, which the food elements relate to, and that’s how the plants receive a constant inflow of food through their vegetation.

The organic fertilizers maintain the equilibrium of the hummus in the soil.

The microorganisms mineralize about 1.5% of the hummus each year. Part of that quantity is restored through the plant waste, while the other part is restored through organic fertilizers.

The organic fertilizers improve the buffer and sorption capacity of the soil.

The organic fertilizers have a positive effect on the mechanical and physical properties of the soil.

Through their decomposing, they create conditions for the biological synthesis of the specific hummus substances, which form complex organic mineral compositions together with the clay minerals. These compositions connect the parts of the soil in longer-lasting aggregates, which create a good soil structure, improve its aeration and water regime.

The organic fertilizers enrich the soil with carbon dioxide (CO2) during their mineralization

One part of it, along with the available water, turns into carbonic acid, which increases the solubility of a number of nutrients, releasing significant amounts of energy, that the microorganisms use for their propagation.

The organic fertilizers contain some substances, which stimulate the development of plants

Such substances are: auxins, enzymes, hormones, antibiotics and others.