What organic fertilizers are?
Restoration of depleted soil layers. Enhancement of plant immunity. Benefits of artificial fertilization.
How organic fertilizers are produced?
Quality control. Properties of the final product. Filtration processes to obtain a homogeneous mixture. What distinguishes us from other manufacturers.
How organic fertilizers are used?
Use of dry and liquid varieties. Fertilizing and spraying roots, leaves and stems. Suitable for any owner, small or large manufacturer.
Why organic fertilizers?
Statistics on increase in yield and production quality. Improved appearance and taste of the produce. What we gain from the use of organic fertilizers.


we share nature

BIOMART 07 OOD starts its activities in 2013 as an agricultural producer, producing bio-humus from Red Californian Worm. The farm for producing bio-humus is built in a clean eco-region on 500 meters above sea level, far away from highways and manufacturing companies, which pollute the environment. The company’s joint activities with the first partners, which trusted us - big regional agricultural producers, brought us to the creation of our own unique product, done with our own technology – IMUNONAT humin extract.